In 1984 KQAK released their Miller High Life Rocks to Riches local bands album. Since, to the best of my knowledge no one ever made any money off this project, the material is unavailable, and many of the bands never put out a record, I have no qualms about putting it up in mp3 format. If anyone tells me to take it down, I suppose I will, but really, what are the chances?

If you are in contact with any of the band members, let me know, and I will ask them for permission.

<strong>Side A:</strong>
Christian Boy - Robert Seidler - Support Robert by buying this online at <a href="CD'>">CD Baby</a>
<a href="mp3/rock84/I%20Am%20Blind.mp3">I Am Blind</a> - Population R
<a href="mp3/rock84/Don%27t%20Leave.mp3">Don't Leave</a> - The Stir-ups
<a href="mp3/rock84/Run%20To%20You.mp3">Run To You</a> - Perfect Strangers
<a href="mp3/rock84/Forever%20and%20Never.mp3">Forever and Never</a> - The Defectors

<strong>Side B:</strong>
<a href="mp3/rock84/Out%20To%20Sea.mp3">Out To Sea</a> - The Uptones
<a href="mp3/rock84/You%20Feel%20Nothing.mp3">You Feel Nothing</a> - Flying Tigers
<a href="mp3/rock84/Ultraviolet.mp3">Ultraviolet</a> - Fade To Black
<a href="mp3/rock84/Cocktail%20Child.mp3">Cocktail Child</a> - RX
<a href="mp3/rock84/Reconstruction.mp3">Reconstruction</a> - Voice Farm

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Amazing - I've been looking for this since 2003 - had the original album (white w/ blk qwak logo cover) and lost it in a move - need it bad (Run to You is an 80's classic if you spent it in the Bay Area)- LMK how I can get the files in a pack plz

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