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Back in the early 1980's there was a radio station in San Francisco called The Quake. It played Bruce Springsteen, it played Tina Turner. It played all manner of utter and total crap.
But in-between the terrible songs, and there were many, there were wonderful songs. Songs that nobody else was playing. This site is dedicated to that part of KQAK.
If you remember The Quake, or maybe even worked there (seems almost everyone did) take a minute to look around.


If you have any KQAK memorabilia, like play lists, tapes, newsletters etc., get in touch - I would love to get copies to add to this site.

<a href="ids.php">KQAK Station IDs &amp; Airtime</a> - Audio files of some of The Quake's stations IDs, airchecks and interviews. If you have anything send it in!

<a href="links.php">Links</a> - See what some of the ex-Quake people and bands are up to today.

<a href="rock84.php"><img border="0" src="images/rock84.gif" width="200" height="186" alt="Rock of 84 album cover" /><br />MP3 Tracks from the KQAK Local Band Album </a>

<a href="/aftershocks/"><img border="0" src="images/aftershocks.gif" width="204" height="44" alt="aftershocks logo" /></a>
<a href="/aftershocks/"><br />The Aftershocks Message board</a>

I've set up a message board so that others can post their KQAK stories, share information about music that doesn't suck, and otherwise attempt to relive the bygone days of The Quake.

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I've got a near mint copy of the album put out by The Quake.

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