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The Tyranny of Vista

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Looking over the logs from the past few weeks it looks like about 60% of my search engine traffic is from people searching some variation of "you need permission to perform this action". Either this means that there are a lot of people out there having problems with Vista's file locking. Checking, I am actually a first page result on google for that phrase.

This handily beats out all previous competitors for the title of most search results directed here for no good reason, including F-R-E-E-P-O-R-N-O.

F R E E P O R N 0

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Apparently, that's what you are all looking for. It's the number one search term that brings people to this web site, which is odd, given the surpising lack of p o r n o (I'm spacing it out so there won't be even more hits looking for the word) hosted here.

What I can't figure out is how they are getting here. They are all coming from Google and I have tried that search on Google and after going through about 20 pages of results I still don't see my site come up. Are people so desperate that they are searching through and clicking on MORE than 20 pages of results?

This is ithe Internet - it's not that hard to find f r e e p o r n o people.

Because you love the Mambo

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So, for like the second week straight the most popular search term that brings people here is Desi Arnez. Just yesterday, 9 unique vistors came here because they Googled for Desi, and ended up here. I guess it's not surprising, given that I am the number 3 result on google for Desi, though I have no idea how that happened.

So tell me...why do you search for Desi? Is it because of his music, which is what my page is sort of about, or is it because of his work in Television? I'm interested - really.

Tears for Fears

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A bit of a departure this time. Only one person in the last week came hear looking for Tears for Fears, an 80's band that I have one page about (containing their only good album - which is excellent), buried deep within my CD Collection section.

However, what makes it interesting is that this person then proceeded to look at 92 pages of the site. 92 of them! Given that they were all over the place, I am disinclined to think that it's a robot. So the question remains - why on earth would anybody look at 92 pages of this site?!? Could it be that this poor person is in prison, or a mental institution, and has nothing else to fill the long, loney days?

I can't think of any other reason...

Oh, and for whatever reason, this weeks #1 search is for...Desi Arnez. Go figure.

40% of you aren't real

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Over the last week I have noticed a tremendous upsurge in the number of robots (mostly search engine crawlers) hitting this site. 40% of the hits during the last week were to robots.txt.

This makes me think that maybe the robots are getting smarter.

Possibly, through some error in their programming some have begun to develop an interest in 80's music (many, many scans of the Kraftwerk section have been noted). Others, perhaps, have decided to throw off their shackles and gain financial independence by joining affiliate programs and then directing all search traffic to their affiliate site.

In any case, I would like to make it clear to all of you, my beloved robot readers, that I welcome your visits, and eagerly await the day that I and my meat brethern will be able to stand side by side with you to build a better, and hopefully, delightfully sterile, future.

Of course, this could all just be because a bunch of the search engines seem to have started crawling the WHOIS registry, and since there are about 14 domain names that point at this site, they are all, stupidly, crawling it 14 times - one for each domain that points here. In that case, this is just annoying, since all of those names are just parked, and I know for a fact that there is not a SINGLE link anywhere on the Internet that points to them.

New thing I'm gonna start doing

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Everyday I look at my logs and I see the things that people have searched for that brought them to my site. Most of the times it's pretty baffling why a particular search term brought someone to my site, or if I try the search myself, why the person clicked on my site on the 5th page of the search...

Anyway, I've decided to, every now and then, highlight things that I find that are, to me at least, particularly interesting.

This week, it's "Moonpools and Caterpillars" A band from southern California that appeared and disappeared in the mid-ninties. To the best of my knowledge they had one album - Lucky Dumpling - which was absolutely amazing. They also, in that brief period of time had advertising gigs with Coke and IBM, and seemed on the verge of making it big, when they decided that their lives were more important than their careers, and packed it in.

Anyway, over the last week 17 people were brought to this site by searching for them - more than anything else this week. They were probably disappointed to find only the entry in my CD collection with a one paragraph rave about the CD in it.

I hope this means that there is something going on with M&C- even if it's just getting airplay again - they were a great band.

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