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Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson AND Dave Foley all in a single show?

Really? Really?

Oh, yeah, I guess Jewel Staite may have been in it too.

Battlestar Galactica - Whaaaa?

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Okay, since I don't want to spoil anything for people that have not yet watched it, the following post is very, very circumspect.

It took me a moment to realize that after the episode was over the thing that they showed that had a critical character in it was a cut scene from tonight's episode, and not a scene from next week. Given that, does that mean that I saw what I think I saw on tonight's episode and that what I think happened has actually happened?

Please. comfort me and tell me I am wrong. But do it in such a way that anyone watching the show will have no idea what we are talking about.

Missed It Again!

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Every year I forget Superbowl Sunday, and every year I smack myself on the forehead the following Monday.

Is this because I am an extremely incompetent football fan? No, of course not, I hate football.

Is this because I am a tool who has been brainwashed to think that short films persuading me to purchase products and services that I don't need are a form of vital creative endevor? No, though I am a total tool.

Is it because every Superbowl Sunday Animal Planet hosts the Puppy Bowl; three hours of puppies running around and playing in a 10' by 10' pretend football field? With a halftime show of kittens playing in the same circumstances?

Well, go here, watch the last two videos on the list and you tell me. Assuming that you are still capable of speech, that is. Assuming that your head has not a-sploded from the huge cute overload that you have been exposed to. Who needs to have artifical sunlight when you can have THREE-FREAKING-HOURS of puppies playing on your TV?

And I missed it, again. And they only replay it on Superbowl Sunday. And while there is a free, two-minute on-demand clip available on Comcast, it's not enough. Pumpkin just gets interested in looking at the puppies before it ends, then he looks sad because the puppies are gone.

I probably need to buy the DVD, though I am pretty sure that if I do I will never leave the house again.

Ah Television...

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"Teacher, mother, secret lover."

Given that it's been some time since I last proclaimed this, I have a new favorite TV show ever. Sad to say, it's..."Entourage" on HBO. It has all the things I loved about "The Player", but no one has to die. (Oh, warning).

I think that everyone can cling to one or another of the characters, and who you identify with says a lot about you. I, for example, always thought that I was "E" (Eric)- the guy that can handle the business end of things, and is there because he's smart. After watching a couple of seasons I have realized that, alas, I'm not. I am, much to my chagrin, Johnny Drama...The guy that used to be somebody, but lost it. Really, that sucks.

Whooo! Viking Quest!

Every Day...

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...takes figuring out all over again how to fucking live.

Deadwood Season 3 (and final) has started. Thank fucking god.

Sexy, Sexy Sociopaths

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Why is it that the worst people are always the most attractive?

The first season of "Boston Legal" is out on DVD now, and I have, of course, Netflixed it. The first season is very different than the second, which I have been watching since my therapist recommended it. In the second season the characters all have some hidden level of depth, and frankly, nobility that is completely missing in the first season so far. There are no likable characters - no one that you can identify with, however briefly. They are all completely self-serving monsters, who will do whatever is required to win their case, even when they know the client is guilty.

I think that the show has lost something in the last year. Something that I didn't even know it had till now. Watching the early episodes I find that the characters were far more interesting when they lacked a moral compass. I assume this says something terrible about me; that and the fact that I want to grow up to be Alan Shore.

I Hope It Doesn't Show...It'll Go Away

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Reason #4845 that I love "Gilmore Girls" - I am pretty sure that no television show has ever had a pivotal moment sound tracked with Sparks. Pretty certain.

I promise that Dresden Dolls stuff is coming - they were awesome and all - I have a few seconds of video that features Amanda playing synth while her far larger and more interesting shadow moves wildly in the background.

Honestly, she the the most attractive woman ever - present company excluded, of course.

Chris Eigeman!

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So...Gilmore Girls just keeps delivering. Not only is Adam Brody (see my obession with "The O.C.") in the third season (the season before his breakout first season of "The O.C.".). but, while watching the fourth season I find out that Chis Eigeman (you know, from Meteropolitan and Barcelona) is a major character...I LOVE HIM. He's like my fourth favorite person in the world. There was even a hologram reference (he was in the pilot for the American version of Red Dwarf). And Sebastian Bach is on the the show - how wierd is that?


Best Show Ever!

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So, family relationships, romance, everything a man (sensitive, yet manly) could want. I love The Gilmore Girls now. I am near the end of the first season, and have to say; "Gold, freaking gold".

Lord, I need ovary implants, Maybe even a uturus implant. A nice boob job, and a little work below my eyes would not be out of the question either.

The Biggest Girl in All of Girlsylvania

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So, I am now completely caught up on The O.C., have also watched every episode that was ever actuallly released of Wonderfalls (aye...they cancelled ye too soon).

My latest obession, I am sorry to say, is Gilmore Girls. A friend of mine mentioned back in 2000 that she was watching this instead of Buffy, which, of course, caused me to scorn her. I regret this now. I downloaded the first season, and I am now about 7 episodes through it, and it is, like most things that I assume I won't like and eventually end up watching, absolutely amazing.

I love shows that focus on family dynamics, and things that have really cute single moms in them are even better. Not sure exactly what it is about that (must talk to therapist about it), but lord I love this show now. To top it all off, the grandfather is played by the head vampire from Lost Boys!

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