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Saw Watchmen Last Night

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And liked it. It's not perfect, but I don't think you could make a movie that mirrors the comic and succeeds in any way as a movie. The mediums are just too different. As it is, it's like a talking dog with a lisp. Yes, it has a lisp, but it's still a freaking *talking dog*.

Like some other's the thing I missed the most was the newstand vignettes, not just the vendor and the kid, but all of the characters that cross paths there - getting to know them and their day to day problems adds a great deal to the impact of the ending in the comic.

As for the end, it doesn't bother me too much. Basically any ending other than "talk Dr. Manhattan into periodically teleporting all the world's nuclear weapon program related materials into the sun" makes no logical sense anyway.

So Good, I May Watch It Twice

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I cannot recommend highly enough the movie "Once".

I may even have to buy the soundtrack.

Second Time's A Charm...

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So, tonight, for only the second time in my life, I walked out on a movie I paid good money to see.

The first time was "Amazon Women on the Moon" which, as it turns out, has a very funny "Invisible Man" bit at the end. which I missed.

Tonight, it was "The Prestige".

If you have read the book, then you probably know why. Maybe I can bear to sit through it on DVD. Honestly though...I doubt it.

I was very pleased though that a girl in the row behind me used the word "adamant" correctly in a sentence.

Jeff Buckley & Isolde

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So, am I the only person that thinks he has to do a Jeff Buckley Bio-pic?

So glad to see the story getting made into a movie though, since it is the one love story in Mallory where everyone is not a jerk (2 people are, however). Ah, Lancelot, you dick.


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Okay, so I promised that I would write something unserious today, like a review of Serenity, so I guess I have to, but it's going to be short, since I can't write about the one thing that was really important without giving away a major surprise. was good. But god dammit, why did Joss have to go and do that!

The end.

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