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Since I haven't been creating anything lately, I figure that I might as well tell you what I have been wasting my time on. You know, on the off chance that you have time to waste and can't find anything to waste it on.

Over the past few months I have been listening to a lot of podcasts. For me, they are an almost ideal form of media. They are always with me on my iPhone, they can be played according to my own schedule, and they feed my need to constantly take in new information. They are ideal for distracting me during boring things, like exercising, or for keeping my brain from thinking about my own problems as I try to fall asleep.

The things I listen to regularly include:

Dr. Kiki's Science Hour - A breezy, layman's level science program that covers a variety of of topics. Depending on the topic it's either completely gripping, or great for listening to as I fall asleep. Usually the former. 

Engadget Podcast - The podcast summary of the week's technology news. Good enough that I listen to it even though I have read all the articles on the site throughout the week.

Joystiq Podcast - Videogame news, presented with enough snark to keep it interesting. Also, in addition to news they actually do a pretty good job of injecting some analysis covering game design, the game industry and videogame culture. Probably the podcast I look forward to most each week.

Stuff from the Science Lab - Yes, another science podcast, this one from howstuffworks.com (you will be seeing a lot from them...). Just got started, and still finding their footing, but again, a very accessible, layman level science program.

Stuff You Missed in History Class - Also from howstuffworks.com, this one is usually 1/2 an hour on some obscure, or not not so obscure, bit of history. Occasionally they will cover several aspects of a particular topic over a couple of episodes, for example, the abdication of Kind Edward in one episode, and another whole episode about his Nazi sympathies. Fun!

Stuff You Should Know - A completely random podcast, again from howstuffworks.com. Toppics are all over the place, ranging from a discussion about how credit default swaps work, another on Jack the Ripper and Ripperology, all the way out to a show about the Necronomicon. You can never predict what the next show might be about, but they are all entertaining, and feed my need to trivia.

The podcast that my friend Dale is on. If you are dorky enough to get the name, then you are dorky enough to appreciate this show. While it's theoretically about gaming (like, at a table, not on a TV), it wanders all over the place and is really more about dork culture in general.  The guys on the podcast are engaging and funny - listening to it reminds me a lot of wasting my youth hanging out with my friends  and talking about games. movies and books. Also, if you search for it on iTunes, iTunes asks "Did you mean taco?", which amuses me.

Today in the Past - John Hodgeman provides an audio "page-a-day calendar without the pages", always in less than a minute. The events described are pulled from the strange and delightful alternate universe that he has previously documented in his books "The Areas of My Expertise" and "More Information than You Require". I want to live in this universe.

Also, while I haven't listed them out, I have basically stopped listening to anything on NPR on the radio. No more driveway moments, since I can just pause and start listening again when I have a chance. Yes, I do donate directly now to the shows that I listen to, while still keeping up a minimum membership in my local NPR station. God! Leave me alone!

All of the things listed above can be found in the iTunes store under podcasts, and you can subscribe to them so that every time you sync up your iPhone of iPod you have new stuff to listen to. If you have any favorites of your own, feel free to list them in the comments

Now I must go back to being a hermit and ignoring everyone.

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