Christian is the New Goth, Apparently

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So, I have a pair of shoes that I love. Unreasonably so, since they are just cheap slip on canvas deck shoes. I bought them a while ago after I broke my toe just walking around the house - something that filled me with a dread of breaking my toe again just walking around the house.

These shoes, which I love unreasonably, are from Hurley, purveyors of crap the I would normally never buy, but they were, as mentioned cheap, and they were actually kind of cool - with a skull and knife piratey kind of thing going on. For you edification, here is a picture of them, in their current "battered, worn constantly for a couple of years" state:


Because they have been battered and worn constantly for a couple of years, I have been looking to replace them with something similar for the last month or so, without any luck. I went to maybe a dozen shoe stores looking for something similar, but never found anything that was really what I was looking for.

Fast forward to today. we were having a late breakfast and just across the parking lot was one of Colorado Springs many Christian Megastores. "Ho, ho!" we chortled, "What a lark it would be to go in and look around!". As we entered the store though, there were some shoes and shirts in the window that looked, dare I say it, kind of cool. I mean, yes, if you looked closely you could see that the hip fake-vintage over printed and then distressed text on the shirts was bits and pieces of scripture, but otherwise the stuff looked like something that you would find in a skate shop or maybe even a hot topic.

Encouraged, we walked through the store and saw many things that were exactly as we expected - a giant home schooling section with lots of Veggie Tales and copies of baby's first "Darwin is the the Bunk!", and this poster, which I think, given his views on money changers, Jesus would not be too happy with. Yes, yes, all very amusing.

But the clothing section - that was a wonder. Shirts, shoes, hoodies, even BLUE JEANS (the devil's trousers) with actually pretty awesome designs on them. She actually found a pair of shoes and two hoodies that she HAD to buy (and the hoodies were only $10 a piece - so cheap I claimed it was a miracle! One of them was a rose floral design, while the other had a cool repeating pattern of three thigh bones in a triangle with a sacred heart looking thing in the middle. Really, really *sweet*.

I on the other hand found my shoes. The very shoes that I was looking for. Not just *as* gothy as the Hurleys they were to replace...these shoes were, if anything MORE gothy. They were perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. For your further edification, here is a picture of them:


Awesome, am I right? And from the outside you would never guess that they are Christian shoes. Yes, if you look inside there is some nonsense about being submissive before God, but from the outside these are totally rocking goth shoes. They may even be MORE gothy because of the scripture inside!

Anyway, the point of the story being if you are having a hard time finding sufficiently goth cloths, I would highly recommend checking out you local Christian Store - apparently Christian is the new Goth.

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