What We Talk About When We Talk About Nothing

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Yes, I know, there hasn't been any activity here on edgore.com or a while. Partially it's because I have been sick. Partially it's because I have been busy with work. Mostly, it's because I haven't had anything to talk about that could not be addressed in a twelve word Facebook status update.

There has been stuff going on in the world, it just seems like I haven't had the will to write anything about it. Regarding the topics of the day I have been too ambivalent to spend the time crafting commentary. For example:

Iran - What is happening to the people in the streets there is terrible, and I feel for them, but I can't get to excited about the revolutionary spirit when all of the candidates are hand-picked by the theocracy and represent slight variations in the same end of the political spectrum. When the choices are between the establishment candidate who was likely one of the embassy hostage takers, and the opposition candidate was one of the architects of the 1979 Islamic Revolution and a disciple of the Ayatollah Khomeni (though it's entertaining to hear conservatives supporting him without understanding that) , I have to throw up my hands in despair. Reza Aslan put it very well when he pointed out that the choice in Iran right now is do they become North Korea (isolated and oppressing it's citizens) or China (economically open and oppressing it's citizens). There is no American Revolution, or even Prague Spring option here, and that is tragic because the people of Iran deserve better. There is no chance they will get it though.

America - Our own country, and president, continue to disappoint, of course. Obama continues to talk about protecting the constitution while continuing or expanding Bush era presidential power-grab policies and ignoring basic legal principles like habeas corpus (we can still put people away forever with charges or trials because they are so dangerous we can't even talk about why they are so dangerous), and he continues to no follow though on the promises he made to roll back idiotic policies like Don't Ask Don't Tell and the Defense of Marriage act. On the health care front most *Democrats* still seem unable to understand that 70% of Americans want a public healthcare option, never mind the Republicans who simultaneously argue that a public option would both result in rationing healthcare, be the worst thing that ever happened AND it would be so cost effective and provide such a great level of benefits that private companies would not be able to compete with it. Sometimes they say these things in the same sentence, and it amazes me when their heads do not explode. I was promised a socialist nightmare and I am still waiting.

My Personal Life - Is boring. I am happy, and that is never good for writing. The events that do occur in it are adequately documented on Facebook, and there is no need to repeat them here, though I should probably post some of the newer pictures of my grandson, since my daughter assures me that hot chicks will flock to my website if I do so. Then again, I am adequately provisioned with hot chicks already.

So, instead of writing about important things here I am spending my time on trivial pursuits (literally, not the trivia game).

I have been writing movie reviews on Netflix (currently I have managed to moved my reviewer rank from 55,132 to 50,600 in a week. My goal is to get into the top 10,000. Yes, everything is a competition. I crave the approval of the mob, and will work for free for it. Interestingly, now that Salon has stopped marking letters to the editor as "Editor's Choice" I have stopped commenting there (with a 35% Editor's choice rate, which is *high*). I am sure there is no connection.

I have been fine tuning my Pandora radio stations - if you want an overview of my entire musical taste click here - it's still a little heavy on stuff with raw production (like the Strokes) and for some reason it occasionally spits out a song by the hated White Stripes other than "Fell in Love With a Girl", but overall it's pretty accurate. If you want to hear only the kind of jangly music that sets my nerve-endings a-tingle try this one.

Most importantly my Xbox Live Gamerscore is now over 9000. If only there were a game I wanted to play that could vault me over 10,000. Still, I am obviously better than those people with only 8,000.

So yeah, like I said...nothing worth writing about. I think the last 764 words prove that.

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