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Due to a huge number of spam comments, plus the needs of another project that I am working on, I have had to upgrade this site to the latest version of movable type and also require authentication (the former for the project, the latter due to the spam).

On the upside you can apparently authenticate using just about anything - really. If you can get Vinnie down at the corner to vouch for you, you are totally in.

On the downside, you will have to sign in in one way or another.

Hopefully this will be the final stake in the heart of my personal blog and will free up my time to do important trying to convince the Internets to come up with a freaking bootable PS3 Linux disc image that is pre-configured with basic single machine (I don't care about network) setting, includes all the good emulators, and can read my totally legal ROMS off of a memory card.

Really - why does this not exist yet? The technology exists to allow me to put a CD in my PS3. boot Linux, and start playing a translated version of Mother for the NES, but I am too dumb to set it up myself....

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I have made it past your fancy authentication - and in the process I've learned something:

Yahoo's federation services _suck_

...Anyway, on with the comments:

It's amazing what they can emulate these days.
I've finally been able to sample (legally of course) some of the titles for the Nintendo DS, and my god - how bizzarre!

Jesus Christ - is this BRIAN? I thought you were dead! So, it's an underscore, not a dash?!? That explains why my emails never got a response.

I assume that this means you are The Pope as well. It's all becoming clear now. My authentication trap has paid off in spades.

There is some very odd stuff available for the DS. Even some of the sort of mainstream stuff, like Phoenix Wright is pretty weird once you get into it.

Monsters cannot keep me from messing up your blog with my crappy comments. Not even really scary ones. My ass is bleeding.

PS Brian is not the pope. I am the popery pope of pop-o-popes. You may never find out who I am. I am that powerful smelling.

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