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Fine Pope, You Win

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I have a Facebook account now. Happy?

I hope this means that I will be un-excommunicated for my continued denial of The '80s

War? Good God.

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So now conservatives are saying that the New Deal had nothing to do with ending the depression. That government spending cannot stimulate the economy, and that government spending has never created a single job.

They follow this up by saying that World War II is what got the economy back on it's feet.

I can only assume this means that World War II was an act of the private sector, as opposed to government spending and job creating on a grand scale.


Deep Thought

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Spending taxpayer dollars building schools, roads and infrastructure in Iraq is spreading (small "D") democracy. Doing so in America is plunging the country into (big "C") Communism.

Our dialog is ruled by idiots. And Republicans. (Note that I was nice enough to make a distinction).

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