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It never fails to crack me up when preachers like Rick Warren claim that extending marriage to gays is the moral equivalent of allowing polygamy and child marriage. They then insist that we must keep marriage defined as it has been for the last 5,000 years. Which, you know, generally included polygamy and child marriage. I wonder if these guys have ever actually cracked a bible open? Polygamy and child brides are all over the bible, including all the big names, like Abraham and Solomon. We won't even go into what is going on between King David and Jonathan, though I guess since that was on the down low it was okay.

These people never fail to amuse. It's just too bad that they continue to be taken seriously in our political landscape. I hate to tell Pastor Rick this, but even if he manages to somehow stamp gays out of the public eye, he is still going to have those funny feelings when he watches a football game.


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...makes me super, super happy. If you are totally cool and awesome, you will know why.

Thank You for Everything

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I don't know what to say other than thank you for being who you were. I can't even feel that sad because 85 is nothing to sneeze at.

Thanks, Bettie. You are amazing.

How to Say "Thank You"!

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I am vastly entertained to find that now that the banks have their bailout and are going to be getting thousands of my tax dollars they have taken the time out of their busy schedule to send me personalized "thank yous".

So far in the last two weeks I have received notice from three credit card companies informing that they are going to raise my rates by between 2% and 5%, even though I have not missed any payments or in any other way been a problem for them.

Now, of course, I can avoid these increases if I want to. I will have to do this by closing out the accounts, in writing, within about two weeks, which is a hassle in and of itself in - really? I can't call you, or take advantage of the online services that you otherwise love to push me off on to? Also, if I choose to avoid these extra charges by closing the accounts my credit rating actually takes a hit! All while the dick that runs Merrill Lynch insists he deserves a 10 million dollar bonus!

This is just as much fun as being told that after avoiding a crappy American car and spending my money on a well made foreign car I will still end up underwriting years of terrible decisions in Detroit, since they are just going to take the money anyway.

Bailouts are fun!

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