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Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson AND Dave Foley all in a single show?

Really? Really?

Oh, yeah, I guess Jewel Staite may have been in it too.

Sony has cut off access to Columbia Pictures films for XBOX 360 users of Netflix's Streaming Video Service. The videos ar still on the service and available to non-XBOX 360 users, including users of the Roku streaming box, OS/X and some other Microsoft product called "Windows". I can only assume that Sony is doing this to convince users to buy a PS3 (which doesn't support Netflix streaming at all without a PC and third party software).

This is the next big grab for Hollywood - these videos are DRMed, but that isn't enough for Sony. They now want to be able to dictate the specific hardware that you will be allowed to watch your movies on. I predict the next step will be an announcement that Columbia pictures Blu-Ray discs will only play in Sony-branded players. That is really no more ridiculous than this is.

UPDATE - Sony is now claiming that the restrictions have nothing to do with competition between Sony's PS3 and the Xbox 360. This doesn't chagne anything thoguh - they still should have absolutely no say what so ever in which platforms I choose to watch content on. A client is a client is a client.

All About The Shoe Gazing

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Not sure why, but tonight is apparently National Shoe Gaze Day. The following bands may be the best bands ever:

Lush - Of course, I would not kick Miki Berenyi out of bed, regardless of the number of crackers she might eat, but it's actually Emma that I fall asleep thinking of:

For Love
Lady Killers - Turns out that Anthony from the RHCPs is a dick - No one could have predicted this
Single Girl
Shake Baby Shake
Sweetness and Light

My Bloody Valentine (probably the greatest band ever - only by the album Loveless though - the rest are crap ):
Only Shallow

And, of course, The Pulp. JARVIS!!!!:
Common People
Disco 2000
Something Changed

And not really shoe gaze, but I love "the Divine Comedy" too much to abandon them:
The National Express
Becoming More like Alfie
Gin Soaked Boy
I've Been To A Marvelous Party

How Not To Defend Marriage

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I wonder if they Prop 8 people realize what they did when they got their law passed - the new California law which prohibits future same-sex marriages and voids all the at-the-time-legal same-sex marriages that have occured over the past months?

They have essentially undermined the institution of marriage completely. As of now it is clear that the State can unilaterally, without the consent of the couple in question, dissolve a legal marriage. Some of these same-sex marraiges were conscecrated in in churches. Prop 8 has made it clear that the State can void a church's rites and rituals as it sees fit.

So, while they were pretending to be worried that the State would force them to perform gay marriages (which was never even on the table) instead they have changed "'Til Death do us part" to "So long as 51% of the electorate continues to believe that we should be allowed to remain married".

Great job there, dumbasses. Way to protect the instituion of marriage.

And He Would Have Got Away With It...

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If it wasn't for you meddling kids!

Let's hear it for high youth voter turn out!

UPDATE: Actually, that guy that gave McCain's concession speech was pretty good - if only he had run...he might have had a chance!

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