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I should not be allowed access to the Internets:

Duffy - the real one, not that chick


The Rainy Season. I think that "and you're like a mirage I could learn to hate" is maybe the best line ever.

Bongos, numbers & etc.

Maybe the best song ever

Except that this song is completely, totally, and with out dispute the finest piece of music evers - fuck all you "How Soon is Now" losers.And now...

Let's ass load of Propaganda the best band you don't already worship. Duel, "P-Machinery", Dr. Mabuse (Yes, I have seen all the movies), God, I love Claudia Brücken. Really, It's sad.

I seem to remember briefly being friends with these guys.

And, of course, the greatest band ever. Really...they got a lot better. Mom, Dad, this is what I was going for. Honest...I liked girls.

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Happy need cake.

Happy Birthday, Ed!

So. I think you have like the best taste ever and all that but. Like. Where is the best thing on the internet REALLY?! And by ever, I mean ever. And by that I mean where are the pics of HOLDEN?! Which are totally accessible via the internet the last time I checked. I think you would get a lot of hot chicks on your site who would be all like. AWW! That's a cute baby! Old guys with grandkids are totally hot! And then you would be set. (Only if said chicks consist of my 4th favorite person ever- Erica.)

> fuck all you "How Soon is Now" losers.

You shut your mouth.
How can you say I go about things the wrong way?

Why pamper life's complexity when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat ?

Silence, you jumped up pantry-boy!

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