Get Out!!!! The Vote.

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No matter who you plan to vote for, it's important that, on election day, you go out and exercise your right to vote. Unless you are voting for John McCain, in which case you should stay home, because I have heard that there are some kids that are planning to totally get all up in your lawn on November 4th.

Really against John McCain. I have this great picture I made that I want to post, but it's only funny if he loses. Really, have you got anything better to base you vote on? I didn't think so. (Young voters are ESPECIALLY encouraged. Really, it's extra funny then)

I went down and cast my vote early today. Because it's too late for it to matter to me, I fully expect that Barack Obama will now reveal that he is a secret Muslim terrorist. If he doesn't, I will feel like I threw my vote away. Death to America!

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