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That Sarah Palin, while Governer of the State of Alaska, raised taxes on oil producers and used that money to increase the stipend that citizens of Alaska get just for being citizans of Alaska.

Sounds like big "S" Socialism to me, or at least it would if I were a conservative pundit, and Palin was a Democrat. No doubt these additional costs were passed on to consumers across the country, so technically I am paying a little bit more for gas to ensure that people live in Alaska. Since I am a raving left wing socialist, bent on the destruction of America, I am okay with this - living in Alaska probably sucks.

Heck, I wouldn't live in Alaska even now that I know they will pay me to.

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Actually it has a weird kind of appeal:

Like Berkeley, but with gun nuts and igloos.

I read that too. In actuality, I have always assumed that the real Alaska is exactly like the fictional Alaska presented in Northern Exposure - a place with a wide variety of people, with a wide variety of viewpoints, who somehow all pull together as a community. Also, WAY too cold and dark for me to ever want to live there. From the article, I would say my view was pretty well confirmed.

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