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So, the financial bailout has failed. Thank god that we had John McCain right there in Washington builing bi-partisan consensus! Lord knows what might have happened without him there!

What will the failure of the bill to pass mean? Good question. It could mean that credit will freeze up, the Dow will fall and financial companies will have to admit that many of their assets are, in fact, completely worthless and write them down. This would be accompanied by a HUGE market adjustment downwards.

I suppose it's also possible that congress might stay in session and try to come up with another compromise before they go off to campaign (on what exactly I am not sure).

At this point I am not sure that I care which it is. The former is going to have to happen eventualy to really resolve this problem. Everything else is just gaming to put it off a little longer, or to shift where the hot potato is when it goes off. Maybe financial disaster is the best solution to resolving this quickly and finally.

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Mebbe Iraq might bail out our investment banks. I saw we shipped them like thousands of dollas a few years ago. Plus, you know we would never have liberated the them without the support of these investment banks. Naw. If they were going to do that they would have done it already. Ungrateful fucks...

What we need is a plan that Reagan would have come up with. Sell arms to the Iranians(via the Israelis) and when the planes fly back they can stop in Afghanistan and get stocked to the gills with heroin, which we then allow to be sold on the streets of America. Everybody wins!

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