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I am not a big fan of Obama's, but when the best that McCain can come up with is "He's too popular" there is something seriously wrong with McCain's campaign. Watch the ad below and tell me it's not the saddest thing you have ever seen...

Alright already - I'm getting off your freaking lawn, old man!

(Oh, and that tax doesn't kick in until you make $200K per year, but then again, McCain has already admitted he doesn't understand economics, so it's okay. As Barbie says, "Math is hard!")

(Oh, oh! And, as go the hot girls, so go I)

Thank god we are finally having the opportunity to have a reasonable campaign that is focused on the issues, rather than personal attacks delivered by an adulterer who reverses his positions as s politically convenient (Really? Torture is good now?). (I apologize once again for lowering myself to the usual level of discourse in our great least I am wearing a flag pin as I do it, though I will not say where).

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