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My initial exposure to Panic! At The Disco was as the headline band at a show that the Dresden Dolls opened, so I really had no idea how popular they were with the kids today. Shortly thereafter Ashley made me watch the video for "It's Better If You Do", which made me fall in love with them and get the album. I liked that their lyrics were so in your face and declarative. "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" was one of those rare albums with more than five songs that are all unforgettable and I had very, very high hopes. Imagine so cynical, so promising and even more amazing, so young. I think they are all, what, twelve?

Alas, having listened to their second record "Pretty. Odd." a few times I can only weep like a girl whose creepy, creepy doll has been snatched from her hands. This is honestly the most boring record I have ever heard. None of the urgency that made the first record interesting (making me ignore any technical faults). It almost seems like they decided to go back and do really bad pastiches of their influences and over produce them to the point that you really, really want to punch them in the junk. Right in the freaking junk.So, yeah, when you were young your parents made you listen to the Beatles and Chicago. too, but that didn't make me put out a crappy second album, and it had NOTHING to do with your freaking awesome first album. Now I must cry until the guyliner runs down my face.

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