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1. I am going to try to care less about things. Over the last, let's say, 7 years, I have allowed outside events to impact me greatly. This has led to me being sad about things that I cannot possibly effect, like last year's concern about the Darfur genocide. This year, I have decided that I am not going to do that. Things that don't affect me directly really shouldn't effect me at all. Unless something impacts my tiny little sphere of reality - like, say, high taxes - I am not going to let it bother me at all. *

2. In my personal life, I am going to be far more selfish, and less giving. Unless something makes me feel good, there is no reason to do it. Everyone else screws everyone else over, so I really feel like I am missing the boat on this.*

3. I am going to spend more time playing video games. I increased the number of hours I spent doing this significantly this year, but I really think that I can do better at it this year, if I can just apply myself. **

* These resolutions are lies. I will continue to worry about things that I cannot change and do what little I can to make the world a better place, both in my public and private lives.

** This resolution is not a lie; really - have you SEEN what is coming out this year? I need to devote at least 15% of my life to playing new games, plus about another 10% to playing good stuff I missed in the past. Right now I am playing Lego Star Wars II, the Original Trilogy, which is awesome. Apparently Ben Kenobi is a real jerk, if I am playing him. Hypnotizing Jawas, then cutting their heads off while they are stunned...what a dick.

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