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Another year is ticking by, and looking back at last year I must say I did a very good job of keeping my resolutions.

I suppose that I need to come up with another set of resolution for this year, but last year's were so good I find myself having a hard time coming up with anything better. Since things are very slow at work I suppose that I will devote some time today to staring into the distance and thinking about what I need to do over the next year.

Making your PS3 (Slightly) Less Useless

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First off, let's be clear - there is no reason for a sane person to own a PS3 today*. There are no games good enough to justify the expense, and Sony's decision not to include a 10¢ IR receiver means that you can't easily integrate the PS3 into your home theater set up as a Blu-Ray Player, since your can't use your existing universal remote with it.

While there is nothing to be done about the lack of games, other than waiting, there is something that can be done about the lack of home theater integration. Once again, it's Nyko to the rescue, this time with their Blu-Wave IR remote for the PS3. For $19.99 you get a 10¢ IR reciever and an IR remote that you can add to the growing pile of remotes you keep in the closet. If you are using a Logitech Harmony remote you can automatically set up the Harmony to work with the Nyko Blu-Wave - just select it in the setup utility instead of the PS3 (which can't be controlled by the Harmony anyway). You will also need to change the default mapping for the device and for any activities you set up to map the PS3 "X" button to the Harmony's "OK" button. Once that is done plug in the IR receiver and your PS3 suddenly works as well as your PS2 used to. If you don't have a Harmony remote, you can use the Blu-Wave remote to teach whatever universal remote you use the Blu-Wave commands. Really though, you should go out and buy a Harmony, since even the cheapest Harmony is a hundred times better than any other remote you are using.

The only thing that the IR remote cannot do is turn the PS3 on and off, which is a little irritating, but if you leave your machine on all the time working for Folding@Home anyway it's not really much of a problem.

I think that I am getting gadget crush on Nyko. Their stuff is cheap, well made and it works.

* Do not attempt to convince me that Resistance or anything else on the PS3 is so awesome that I must play it. I've looked at everything that is out for the PS3 right now and there is really nothing that interests me. I bought one now just because I had the money to pick up a used 60gb with full backwards compatibility to replace my PS2 and get blu-ray thrown in. There are PS3 games I am looking forward to - LittleBigPlanet, Singstar PS3 out six months from now that's really it.

Why Is This Person Allowed to Be on The TV?

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The level of discourse in this country continues to astound me. Some people really are much, much stupider than I ever dared believe.


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