Why I (Heart) Logitech

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About 16 months ago I decided that I was tired of having dozens of remotes to control my extremely robust (overly complicated) AV center. After doing a little research, I came to the conclusion that the Logitech Harmony 880 remote was the ideal solution. It's a universal remote with a programmable color screen. You hook it up to your computer, tell it what equipment you have, how they are connected and what you would like o to with them and it automatically programs the remote so you can, for example, press a button (virtually) labeled "Play Xbox" and the remote will send out all the commands to all the components that are needed to make that happen. It remember the state of you equipment too, so if while in "Play Xbox" mode I press "Watch TV" it knows the TV and the receiver are already on, so it doesn't mess with their power, it just switches the inputs, and turns off the Xbox.

This has worked brilliantly. Flawlessly, with a wide variety of hardware.

Until about 6 months ago.

One of the neat things about the remote is that it comes with a built-in, rechargeable battery and a charging cradle. Pop the remote into the cradle, and you never need to worry about changing the batteries.

So, when the charging cradle began to act flaky, it was a bit of a problem. It started out with just needing to jiggle the remote to get it to sit right, this it required putting a book on the remote to get it to make proper contact. Finally it just stopped charging.

I called Logitech and after a short time they determined that my cradle was probably defective and they offered to replace i for free, which was VERY nice, since I am 6 months out of warranty. Then again, after doing some reading on the internet it appears that this is a pretty common problem that they admit to, so I was not too surprised.

No, what surprised me was that today I got an email from Logitech apologizing that the cradle had been on backorder for two weeks (they told me that it would be back ordered on the phone, so no surprise) and that instead of making me wait, they are just going to send me an complete replacement, brand new cradle and a brand new remote. A BRAND NEW REMOTE. To someone that is out of warranty.

So, if you ever need a super expensive remote to tame you AV center, I would have to say I can really recommend the Logitech Harmony remotes. That's it, just felt like sharing.

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I can't even afford to look at the webpage for the Harmony, but, it's true, I am starting to think that throwing shoes at my electronics to turn them on and off isn't a very good idea. I'm just glad that my Colecovision was built to last.

I got one of these to simplify my overly complicated AV system. So far it's worked *flawlessly*.

My only complaints are on style points:

* The web interface for setting it up could be much smoother.
* The physical construction of the remote makes it *feel* kinda lightweight and shoddy. Also, there's something loose rattling around inside of my remote.
* In the post-ipod era anything I spend more than $100 bucks on should have its electronics mysteriously embedded into a seamless bulb of highly polished chrome and glass that has a Kubrickian look and feel to it. Extra points if it talks using one of several different downloadable voice fonts.

P.S. Mikey, I'm impressed. What games do you have for your coleco vision?

You are right about the lightness - it does seem like it could put on a few ounces. As far as that rattling goes, that is perfectly normal - they all do that Apparently it is the janky motion sensor that makes the remote light up when you pick it up (and shake it until the damn thing actually lights up).

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