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Wave Your Wii From Way Way Away

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Since getting my Wii I have had one issue with it. The IR transmitter bar (The Sensor Bar) that sits next to your TV and tells the Wii Remote that it is pointed at the screen is designed for normal televisions. This means that it works fine as long as you are within 8 feet of your TV or so. However if your TV is large and you sit 10-12 feet away from it, the Wii Remote becomes very inaccurate, which can be a problem in a lot of games; it's hard to shoot someone in the face when your targeting reticule is jumping all over the place.

Last week I decided to start looking for a stronger, better third party sensor bar, and ended up buying the Nextronics Wii sensor bar. They shipped it out instantly and I received it within 2 days, at a total cost, including shipping or around $20. The version that I bought includes an AC power adapter and a batter pack - it doesn't actually plug into the Wii, making it very useful for people with projection TVs, or other AV systems where their screen and their Wii are very far away from each other and the standard sensor bar doesn't work.

Long story short, I set it up using the AC adapter and now the Wii remote cursor is rock steady in the Wii interface and every game I have tried. For twenty bucks it was completely worth it. There are reviews on the Internet that complain the AC adapter doesn't provide the range boost that the DC power pack does, however Nextronics has redesigned the power adapter and now it provides great range.

Highly recommended if you are not happy with the accuracy of your Wii Remote.

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