It Looks Like iTunes Already Lost the Race

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I thought that I would have to wait until Amazon's digital music store opened before I could get away from the incredibly irritating iTunes interface, file formats and pricing, but it looks like I can jettison it right away.

7digital has just started selling the EMI catalog at $1.00 per track (about 75% the price of the iTunes tracks), 320 kps (really doesn't matter, you can't detect the quality difference from Apples 240 kps tracks) and in straight MP3, which totally beats Apple's AAC format, since these will play on ANYTHING (even my GPS navigator!).

Also, since the store is just a website, it isn't restricted to only Windows and Mac OS, like iTunes.

Unfortunately it looks like their non-EMI music is available in a mish-mash of DRMed WMP9, AAC and MP3, so it's still difficult to search only for music that is DRM free. Maybe as I spend more time with it I will find a way to make this easier.

I haven't looked into it yet, but I am hoping there is some way to buy lower quality versions of tracks, since I really don't care about anything over 128 kps and hate having to downsample everything when moving it over to a portable player. Unfortuneatly, it looks liek the lowest they off is 192 kps, which is still not too bad, I could live with that on a portable player.

Anyway, it looks like it took less than a month for iTunes to become completely useless to me again.

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