The House Is Rocking, We Can't Hear You Knocking

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So, over the last week music games have invaded the house. First it was the usual Dance Dance Revolution, nothing really special there. Then came Karaoke Revolution Presents: America Idol, which lets you make a fool of yourself and be mercilessly derided by the judges, including a very creepy 3D Simon. Turns out I do a pretty serviceable "Proud Mary", while Sara can kick ass on almost anything; she actually has a great voice. Finally Guitar Hero made its way in, tempting us with awful top 40 rock songs that we barely know. Sara, of course, rocks on it...I watch her play and advise (harass) from the peanut gallery. I do an alright "Shout at the Devil", but that's about it. In any case we are now going to go out in search of all the old versions of these games games - they have to be available used and the original Guitar Hero has ACE OF SPADES!!!!!!

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I NEED an mpeg of you doing shout at the devil! Give it! Give it NOW!

Understand it's Guitar Hero - I'm just pretending to play guitar, not singing.

What you really want is an MPEG of me doing "Hungry Like the Wolf" in American Idol. But you will not get one...or will you?

You would think that Guitar Hero would let you provide your own MP3s so you wouldn't have to suffer through "Do you feel like we do"

Ah, but then they would not be able to soak us for future versions - it's not like anything else really changes except the song selection.

What I really want is Karaoke Revolution with mp3 support, because there is no way they are ever going to release an "all obscure 80's bands like 'Felt' & 'The Bible!'" add-on...

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