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On a limited selection of songs.

Today they finally flipped the switch and put up the option to download non-DRMed versions of songs from EMI. Because of this I feel like I should show some support and go buy a few albums. This is the first time I have ever used the ITunes music store and I have to say; boy does the interface completely suck, at least if you are only interested in non-DRMed music.

While they have a pretty efficient browser interface that I would really like to use, it appears that there is no way to filter it to only show non-DRMed music. The only way that you can view only non-DRMed music is by selecting the "ITunes Plus" link, and then browsing through graphics heavy pages, with entires that can be sorted by release date, album name, or "featuredness" (whatever the hell that is) but not by artist, the only thing I am actually interested in sorting by.


However, I will still put in the time it takes to buy a couple of albums to reward EMI for making this extremely reasonable concession to what their customers want and deserve...

Updated - Oh crap. You can't even get all of the non-DRMed stuff in one set of browsable pages - you have to request it by genre first. This is just freaking stupid. And it looks like it only gives you five pages in each category, not all of the available music (unless by some weird coincidence there happen to be exactly five pages in each category - because I am sure EMI has just as much Latino Music as it does Rock.

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