DJ Lebowitz Live in SF!

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DJ Lebowitz, probably the world's greatest punk rock piano player and a fixture of the old old (like really old) SF punk scene is going to be doing a live piano and vocal performance at the Riptide on Taraval (actually, just around the corner from my old house - I had no idea there was a bar there...).

It's going be in the style of the shows he used to do at the Sound of Music back in the early 80s which I was lucky enough to see once.

This guy is spectacular and deserves all the support he can get. If you have a chance, drop by and check it out. I'm so jealous...if I had the cash I would fly out there just to see this show.

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I have every intention of catching that show. DJ Lebowitz is totally cool beans. And speaking of the Riptide, Ed, Jason Lockwood's baby mama is a bartender at the Riptide and has me playing records there one or two friday nights a month. I'll be there tonight in fact and I'm bringing along my DJ Lebowitz to play for people. I'm also going to bring my Pop o Pies album. The Riptide is a happy place!

Argh! My jealousy grows by leaps and bounds! I am missing not only DJ Lebowitz, but also DJ Mikey?

If I had known last week I could have sold one of the dogs for scientific experiments and flown out for the weekend.

Why did my old neighborhood only become cool after I left it? (Don't answer that...)

Don't worry Ed, i'm certain it became cool before you left. Right about the time i moved...

It would be way cooler if you both were back up here. I mean, just so as you know.

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