Wow. Steve Jobs Talks Sense

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Steve Jobs put up an essay on the Apple website today that is just amazing. It explains succinctly, yet completely, why DRM doesn't make any sense and should be abolished. The only thing that he left out is that only paying customers are limited by DRM, since pirates avoid it completely.

I hope that this gets some traction. In fact, one thing that he does not address int eh essay is why all songs on the ITunes Music store have DRM instead of just the major label music. There have to be some daring Indies in that 30% of non-major label music that he mentions that would be happy to have their ITunes product not DRMed. If that were the case, I would start buying it right away, since the only reason I don't use ITunes is the DRM.

Also, am I reading too much between the lines of this essay ("Since Apple does not own or control any music itself, it must license the rights to distribute music from others") and the recent settlement with Apple Corps when I think that there is a good chance that in the future Apple will have a music label? It makes sense - they own the most popular e-music store (now that allofMP3 is closed down), but they don't really make any money on the downloads. Now that the issues with Apple Corps are out of the way Steve is free to fully integrate all the way up the chain from player to publisher.

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