Missed It Again!

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Every year I forget Superbowl Sunday, and every year I smack myself on the forehead the following Monday.

Is this because I am an extremely incompetent football fan? No, of course not, I hate football.

Is this because I am a tool who has been brainwashed to think that short films persuading me to purchase products and services that I don't need are a form of vital creative endevor? No, though I am a total tool.

Is it because every Superbowl Sunday Animal Planet hosts the Puppy Bowl; three hours of puppies running around and playing in a 10' by 10' pretend football field? With a halftime show of kittens playing in the same circumstances?

Well, go here, watch the last two videos on the list and you tell me. Assuming that you are still capable of speech, that is. Assuming that your head has not a-sploded from the huge cute overload that you have been exposed to. Who needs to have artifical sunlight when you can have THREE-FREAKING-HOURS of puppies playing on your TV?

And I missed it, again. And they only replay it on Superbowl Sunday. And while there is a free, two-minute on-demand clip available on Comcast, it's not enough. Pumpkin just gets interested in looking at the puppies before it ends, then he looks sad because the puppies are gone.

I probably need to buy the DVD, though I am pretty sure that if I do I will never leave the house again.

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