Another Nail in My Meat Eating Coffin

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A parrot that can use 950 words, in context, to hold conversations. It can also create new word combinations to describe unfamiliar concepts and understands past, present and future tenses.

This of course follows Rico the dog that recognizes 750 different objects and, if put into a room with 13 items he knew and one that he didn't, would respond to "Get the (thing that he doesn't know)" by picking that item out of the group, a feat of deduction I doubt I can perform reliably.

So, at this point, how do I really know that cows are not sitting out there in the field doing differential equations in their heads, or that mice aren't really experimenting on us?

Of course, I also tear-up whenever the Pedigree shelter dog ad comes on and they say "I know I am a good dog", so pay no attention to me.

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Also, pigs can have a 30 minute orgasm......THIRTY minutes. Any creature capable of that is a higher being if you ask me.
Differential equations be damned!

Hey! I'm no hippy! I'm way wierder than that. I have always understood and accepted that animals can obviously feel pain and have simple emotional recations - they can be afraid, etc. That, however, did not deter me from eating them.

But that idea they might be able to REASON? That will stop me right me my tracks. I value thinking way over feeling any day.

Man, you guys... I couldn't eat the bacon I ordered this morning because I couldn't get this conversation out of my head.

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