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I Need To Know...

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Did Magnetic Fields completely sell out, or is Cesar dog food just ripping off the tune from "I Think I Need A New Heart"?

Another Nail in My Meat Eating Coffin

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A parrot that can use 950 words, in context, to hold conversations. It can also create new word combinations to describe unfamiliar concepts and understands past, present and future tenses.

This of course follows Rico the dog that recognizes 750 different objects and, if put into a room with 13 items he knew and one that he didn't, would respond to "Get the (thing that he doesn't know)" by picking that item out of the group, a feat of deduction I doubt I can perform reliably.

So, at this point, how do I really know that cows are not sitting out there in the field doing differential equations in their heads, or that mice aren't really experimenting on us?

Of course, I also tear-up whenever the Pedigree shelter dog ad comes on and they say "I know I am a good dog", so pay no attention to me.

Awesome Vista Feature #347

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If you have a folder window open, you can't delete the folder. Example, I have an empty folder on my desktop called, let's say, "New Folder".

"What", I ask, "is in this folder? I do not recall, so I shall open it and see."

Opening the folder I discover that it is, in fact, empty.

"This empty folder clutters my desktop, which is not desirable", I say to myself as I drop the offending folder into the trash. Immediately, Vista springs to my aid, warning me that I am deleting a folder, despite my having long ago turned off the "Display delete confirmation dialog" check box. I cannot seem to find the "Display 'you are trying to drop an empty folder into the trash" dialog' check box.

"Fine!" I say, clicking the "Ok" button.

Vista helpfully tells me that I need permission to perform this action.

"I am logged on as an Administrator", I remind Vista, clicking the "Try Again" button.

"You need permission to perform this action", counters Vista.

"But, I am logged on as an Administrator!", I plead, clicking the "Try Again" button.

"Administrator? What is this 'Administrator' you speak of?" asks Vista. "You seem to be under the impression that I work for you, meatbag"

This happens three times before it occurs to me to try something monumentally stupid. I close the open window displaying the non-existent contents of "New Folder", and drag the folder into the trash again. Without a complaint, Vista drops it into the trash and allows me to empty it. No problems, no complaints; just a like a real file management shell, say Norton Navigator from 1989.

Now, I realize that Vista probably has it's panties in a bunch because there is some stupid hidden file (like desktop.ini, or something) inside the folder I want to delete that it has open when the window is open, but you know what?

I don't care. It should work as if it was designed in the later part of the twentieth century.

Great News Everyone!

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I have discovered (once again) that I am a dumbass. Due to a small formatting error in the Categories links on the right it has not been possible to access old posts without going through hoops that I have not bothered to figure out, much less document.

It's fixed now - bathe in the gloom of my old posts.

In the future is something like this is not working, and you are getting 404 or 403 errors (anything with GIR on it), say something, god dammit. I don't actually READ this site, so I am not going to notice it and fix it if you don't.

Wow. Steve Jobs Talks Sense

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Steve Jobs put up an essay on the Apple website today that is just amazing. It explains succinctly, yet completely, why DRM doesn't make any sense and should be abolished. The only thing that he left out is that only paying customers are limited by DRM, since pirates avoid it completely.

I hope that this gets some traction. In fact, one thing that he does not address int eh essay is why all songs on the ITunes Music store have DRM instead of just the major label music. There have to be some daring Indies in that 30% of non-major label music that he mentions that would be happy to have their ITunes product not DRMed. If that were the case, I would start buying it right away, since the only reason I don't use ITunes is the DRM.

Also, am I reading too much between the lines of this essay ("Since Apple does not own or control any music itself, it must license the rights to distribute music from others") and the recent settlement with Apple Corps when I think that there is a good chance that in the future Apple will have a music label? It makes sense - they own the most popular e-music store (now that allofMP3 is closed down), but they don't really make any money on the downloads. Now that the issues with Apple Corps are out of the way Steve is free to fully integrate all the way up the chain from player to publisher.

Missed It Again!

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Every year I forget Superbowl Sunday, and every year I smack myself on the forehead the following Monday.

Is this because I am an extremely incompetent football fan? No, of course not, I hate football.

Is this because I am a tool who has been brainwashed to think that short films persuading me to purchase products and services that I don't need are a form of vital creative endevor? No, though I am a total tool.

Is it because every Superbowl Sunday Animal Planet hosts the Puppy Bowl; three hours of puppies running around and playing in a 10' by 10' pretend football field? With a halftime show of kittens playing in the same circumstances?

Well, go here, watch the last two videos on the list and you tell me. Assuming that you are still capable of speech, that is. Assuming that your head has not a-sploded from the huge cute overload that you have been exposed to. Who needs to have artifical sunlight when you can have THREE-FREAKING-HOURS of puppies playing on your TV?

And I missed it, again. And they only replay it on Superbowl Sunday. And while there is a free, two-minute on-demand clip available on Comcast, it's not enough. Pumpkin just gets interested in looking at the puppies before it ends, then he looks sad because the puppies are gone.

I probably need to buy the DVD, though I am pretty sure that if I do I will never leave the house again.

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