Update on Experiment IV

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It's been a long time since I posted an update on my experiment using Provigil to stay awake, since nothing seems to make me go to sleep reliably.

The reason for this is that I haven't taken any in a month. I stopped taking it regularly over a month ago because the dry eyeside effect was really, really bad towards the end of the day (I have dry eyes to being with). Basically, I just didn't feel like I was getting a lot out of it. It was making me slightly more alert and attentive, but not enough that it was worth the slight jitteriness and the dry eye. So now I have a huge supply of Provigil. I imagine that I might use it on occasion when I have a particularly terrible night's sleep and need to get stuff done the next morning, but I can't see using it as a regular thing.

So, this experiment is officailly over.

What is the next psychoactive drug that I should get perscribed for me? Is there anything really super cool on the horizon in the areas of sleep , wakefulness, or artifical happiness? Or maybe all three? I would love to take one pill that makes me sleep, lets me wake up energized and also makes me happy. If it also lowered my cholesterol level that would be awesome. It should be peppermint flavored as well.

Post your suggestions in the comments and I will see what my doctor can do. Oh, and none of this herbal crap. I want something made in a lab and cruelly tested on rats and monkeys before I cruelly test it on myself.

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Whatever you come up with, let Karen know. :-) I'm starting to lose sleep out of sympathy.


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