My Holiday Adventure

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Thursday morning I got the the airport here in Philadelphia when it opened - 5:00. There were already lines forming up at the United desk since, as I already knew, all flights going through Denver had been cancelled due to weather. It's also the middle of the Christmas travel season.

Four and a half hours later I made it to the ticket counter, where I learned that there was no way I was getting on an airplane before December 27. This is not only after Christmas, it's the day after Kieran goes back to Seattle. I had to leave for Philadelphia on business the day before he came out, of course, so I haven't been able to see him (though he's was snowed in at my house in Colorado Springs with Ashley). I somehow, have to get home before he leaves...

By 4:15 I made it to the Greyhound station, with tickets to Colorado springs, but no promises about buses actually making the last leg of the trip. If everything goes well, I'll be home by Saturday morning; after a 42 hour bus trip.

Did I mention that I couldn't get to sleep at all Wednesday night? As I get on the bus I haven't slept in 32 hours.

Friday morning we made it into St. Louis without incident. I managed to sleep maybe two hours on the bus. The reading lights on the bus are turned off, so I spent all the rest of the time staring out into the dark.

I made my transfer to the Kansas City line, and we arrive there a little late, but in time to make my connection. However, upon arrival we find out that there are 120 people there that have been stranded for three days, and that there are only two buses leaving at 7:45, and another leaving at 12:30 AM. My chances of getting on a bus before 6:30 AM on Saturday are tiny, and even if I made it, I am not getting to Colorado Springs before late Saturday night.

I don't know if it was the 2 hours of sleep in 58 hours, or the thought of staying awake another 11 hours to wait for a bus, but something snaps...and I have a brilliant idea.

A cab ride to the airport, a rental car, a modifinal and 5 hours later, I am in Salinas Kansas - 420 miles from home, wide awake in a Flying J truckstop getting something to eat. Best estimates say that I will arrive home around 5:00AM after a night of non-stop driving.

I am crazy, but I will make it home for Christmas...

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Oh my God. I was wondering about your snowy sojourn. We were snowed in for two days here. It was hellish. NOTHING compared to what you are going through. If you get here for Christmas, we will have massive tons of food and drink, and please feel free to bring Kieran and Ash. Steffie and Kristen are still here, as flying to Louisiana was out of the question.
My mum left the day before the blizzard and just missed all of the mayhem.She made it to England with no problems and no delays.
You are used to no sleep, so you have one over on the great unwashed.
Hope to see you Monday.

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