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So, through a complicated and extremely suspicious series of events I managed to get a Nintendo Wii on launch day, despite having failed to pre-order one. Suffice to say that it helps to know people...awesome people.

Anyway, after playing with the thing for a few weeks I have decided to finally write something about it.

It's pretty freakin' awesome.

The motion sensing control is pretty good - not nearly as bad as some of the early reviews were saying. It's not perfect, but it's certainly very, very usable.

The Mii character maker is cute, and so far everyone has been very pleased with their ability to make a game character that resembles them. Oh - our Wii number is 3951 5687 0232 8752 and the nickname is "edgore" if you want to add us and let our Miis mingle with yours.

The games are all pretty good - none of them are spectacular, but they are all really fun to play, especially with multiple controllers and multiple people. I don't think there has ever been a console launch that was so heavy with games for more than 2 players.

Playing with this thing reminds me a lot of my first 128K Macintosh back in 1984. The Mac had only black and white graphics, but it had a mouse and a graphic interface - you interacted with programs not by typing cryptic commands, but by moving the mouse around and manipulating virtual objects. That's what using the Wii feels like. I can imagine a version of Soul Caliber, for instance that insead of relying of a series of button presses for combos instead uses the movement of the Wiimote for control.

And that would totally rule, though not as much as my idea for a giant monster games where you ducttape Wii-motes all over your limbs and rampage through a virtual city.

My other game ideas for the Nintendo Wii include:
1. Baby Harp Seal Hunt - You know that you have already thought about it.
3. Beat Beat Cop! - Combines the challenge of rhythm games with the fun of wailing on suspects with a nightstick
4. The Babysitters' Club - Shake the Wii-mote to shake the baby until it stops goddammed crying.

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Don't tell anyone, but it looks like wii are going to get one too...even if the graphics totally blow goats.

I've got three words for you:


> 4. The Babysitters' Club - Shake the Wii-mote to shake the baby until it stops goddammed crying.

How about "Michael Jackson's Beat-It"? It could be the new Madden.

Don't forget the "Go Back to England" nightclub game -- a "Leisure Suit Larry" meets "Saw" extravaganza in which you make out with random trendies, earning points to pay the doorman to merrily hack off a limb!

Oh dear god...who all reads this site? I knew my mom did, but Chris does? I'm going to have to kick the quality of posts up a notch.

I see "Go Back To England" as something that will come out once the WII/24 network comes online. I think it will work best as a multi-player online game.

I call dibs on the hearing aid!

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