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Well, it looks like the Democrats are taking back Congress - assuming that the Senate races go their way, which won't be official some time because of the close race in Virginia.

However, I would like to take a moment to savor one outcome from this election that is not in dispute. Rick Santorum, one of the most ignorant, hateful, homophobic jackasses ever to get elected, has lost his seat in the Senate, and hopefully, judging by the humiliating margin of his loss, his political career. Ahhhh.

I doubt that the Democrats winning the congress is going to have a huge, sweeping effect- that all of the incredibly stupid "Anti-Terrorism" theater will stop, for example, or that citizen's concerns will be placed on a level anywhere close to corporate interests. But at least a couple of real jerks lost their positions, and maybe a few of the stupidest things that have been done over the last six years will be undone over the next six (Habeus Corpus anyone? Anyone?).

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that Santorum is an anagram for Mt. Sauron. Ha! Funny...

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You need to e-mail Jim and ask him what "Santorum" is....trust me, I can't tell you what it is here. He will have to tell you. It is a description of something......better explained by him!
Contact him on myspace.

Oh, I am very familiar with the definition that Dan Savage has gotten attached to small "s" santorum. Just the word "frothy" can crack me up.

hahahaha I love it! I had never heard the term until Jim used it. Every time I hear anything to do with Santorum I giggle uncontrollably.

Hey! Tell me what it means please!!! I need a good laugh!

"Hey! Tell me what it means please!!! I need a good laugh!"

Responded to in private email because, dude, my mom reads my blog.


God, that cracks me up.

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