Second Time's A Charm...

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So, tonight, for only the second time in my life, I walked out on a movie I paid good money to see.

The first time was "Amazon Women on the Moon" which, as it turns out, has a very funny "Invisible Man" bit at the end. which I missed.

Tonight, it was "The Prestige".

If you have read the book, then you probably know why. Maybe I can bear to sit through it on DVD. Honestly though...I doubt it.

I was very pleased though that a girl in the row behind me used the word "adamant" correctly in a sentence.

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Sounds like an interesting story. I ended up going to see that other turn-of-the-century magician flick(the one with Ed Norton) thinking that it was this film.

The Director has some good flicks under his belt(I really liked "Following" even more than "Memento") Was it

A) Murdered by terrible acting( I noticed that the name "Keanu" appeared nowhere in the IMDB listing)
B) Ruined by screenwriter deviating from the the book's original story(which is one of the few deviant behaviors I feel comfortable condemning)

> I was very pleased though that a girl in the row behind me used the word "adamant" correctly in a sentence.

hmmm...For some reason I always thought it meant "Desperate...but not serious.", oh, wait, that's Adam Ant...

Dale said that this movie was good! Hmmm, now I don't know if I want to go see the movie or not. I LOVED the book, so I don't want that experience tainted by some less than awesome movie. If you walked out, then less than awesome it must have been.

It was the script - Batman and Wolverine were just fine.

The problem, I believe, is that I was so impressed by the book (read it twice in six months, even briefly corresponded with the author a year ago) that a radically re-written movie didn't stand a chance from the start; and this is a radically re-written screenplay. In some areas with very, very good reason (the structure of the novel would have been impossible to film), in other areas for apparently no good reason (They start off as friends? What? WHY? That undermines a major theme in the book!)

Basically, after 20 minutes I was too irritated to keep watching - mostly because it wasn't the movie of a book I loved, and that was what I wanted to see. If I had been able to let go of that I probably would have been able to enjoy it for itself - Chris Nolan is a very talented guy after all, and I like just about everything he has done*.

Typically books that I love don't get made into movies, because no one would go see them, so this may have actually been the first time I have gone to see a movie based on a book I really, really loved and had read recently enough to remember it very well.

It's important, in the final judgement, to take into account that I am essentially a crotchety old man and this movie was playing on my literary lawn.

* I don't like most of Batman Begins - Scarecrow stuff is okay, as is the 3 minutes of actual crimefighting. Batman Begins should have been about fighting mobsters before adding in supervillians over several movies and not more than one in one movie unless you know what you are doing. The animated series demonstrated the former, Batman & Robin and Batman Forever the latter.

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