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Oh My God.

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So, Rush...let's be clear. You are not allowed to talk about anyone, ever again. You are not a moral compass. You are a fat, stupid, pill-popping whoremonger who, like the whitehouse, stands on a soapbox and pretends to be moral because it's making you over a billion (to afford the dominican sex resorts.) You are also a traitor to your country and an felon (as you have admitted to smuggling and violating the embargo against our 45 year old enemy Cuba, to satisfy your non-drug and non-prostitute related personal vices).

Shut the fuck up!

You are not just a bad man; I hesitate to say it, but you are worse than Hitler (21st item down).

What an (apparently less than well functioning- see above about the viagra), DICK you are.

I wonder how many young republicans were inspired by the Micheal J Fox character in that 80's sitcom, and not a word of thanks for that.

Second Time's A Charm...

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So, tonight, for only the second time in my life, I walked out on a movie I paid good money to see.

The first time was "Amazon Women on the Moon" which, as it turns out, has a very funny "Invisible Man" bit at the end. which I missed.

Tonight, it was "The Prestige".

If you have read the book, then you probably know why. Maybe I can bear to sit through it on DVD. Honestly though...I doubt it.

I was very pleased though that a girl in the row behind me used the word "adamant" correctly in a sentence.

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