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So, this morning I got my prescription for modofinil, aka Provigil a drug that is supposed to be given to people with narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or to soldiers that have to remain awake for days on end. This might be the same stuff the American pilots were on when they bombed a wedding in Afganistan by mistake, and the time they bombed four Canadian pilots.. But they had been up for over 48 hours straight - I don't expect anything nearly so spectacular.

As background, I have horrible insomnia. I've used Ambien, Lunesta, etc to try to sleep, but it doesn't work. Either I am unable to fall asleep, I fall asleep and then wake up four hours later unable to go back to sleep, or I am completely knocked out and unable to get up and function in the morning. So, since the improving sleep quality things hasn't been working the decision was made to improve the quality of my wakefullness.

In order to provide an accurate estimate of how well this stuff works I am going to excercise a lot of diet and health hygiene. No smoking at all (though I am still on the patch - hopefully that interaction won't kill me. It'll be over in a month anyway), no caffiene, almost no sugar (don't use that much anyway - I'm a salt guy), and no alchohol on days when I take the stuff, or the night before I do. So, very, very little alchohol. I will continue to use Lunesta to fall asleep at night if I need to.

Today I got a prescription for a three month supply of Provigil (not covered by insurance), went to Walgreens, and by 9:00am I was taking the first 200 milligrams. The effects so far are...interesting.

By about 9:30 I just didn't feel tired; at all. Understand that I haven't felt "not tired" in about 8 years. I'm always tired to some degree. So this is pretty cool. Other than that, nothing. No nevousness, able to concentrate on work (better than usual in fact). All is good.

Now, at 11:20 am as I use my 15 minute break to write this I have actually managed to get a good amount of work done this morning, but I am feeling a little jittery - like I really, really have to "GET THINGS DONE", but also like I can get things done. I am definately feeling an effect fom the stuff, but it's not bad - I just feel really, really motivated. This is definately not liek the anti-depressents were, where I wasn't not sure if they were doing anything, or if it was just me dealing with the things I needed to deal with. This is definately doing something.

Oh, and I have to listen to music. I absolutely have to have my headhones on (currently playing Sigue Sigue Sputnik, to give you an idea where my head is). I also feel the need to drink a lot of water, though that might be psychosomatic.

Anyway, so far, so good, I guess. More later.

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I do not believe it was Canadian pilots who bombed the Afghan wedding. It was Americans. It happened at the same time American pilots killed four or five Canadians in Afghanistan. That, probably, is the mix-up.

Keep on posting on Salon, please.

Oops! You are correct Tom. It was our overly alert boys who bombed the wedding, as well as accidentally bombing our Canadian allies in a seperate, go-pill related incident.

See the effect that this stuff has on you? I would never ordinarily make a mistake like that...

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