The End of Day Two

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Pretty much like Day One, but better.

The reduced dosage seems to be about right. I continue to feel perfectly normal (for regular people - for me I feel great).

I even managed tro make it through a 3 hour and 15 minute conference call today without wanting to nod off even once. This was one of those really awful ones where you are the only person dialing in, and there are 18 people actually together at the other site, and they are all talking amongst themselves and it's impossible to follwo anything, but at any moment someone could ask you what you think. I managed not only to respond each time, but to actually know what I was being asked about!

This stuff is amazing. There has to be a downside, but so far there are no signs of it. I don't feel in anyway jumped up, or anything. My appetite is fine and I have no cravings for nicotine, alcohol or anything. I may even not feel too dragged out to go to the gym for an hour or so at lunch.

This HAS to be secretly doing something really, really awful to me...

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Hah! You're going to have kittens.....I just know it.
No...seriously..I am glad it's working for you. Makes me jealous, as I am non-productive and tired and old lately. Maybe I need some of this stuff?

Ed, if you suddenly become a Right-WIng Christian and start listening to Dobson's radio show, we'll know that the pills did in fact have a negative consequence. Oh, and if you do have kittens, I'll take one!

And what exactly is wrong with being a right wing Christian? So what if I have decided to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior, while at the same time choosing to ignore everything that he, you know, actually said? Do you have a problem with that? Because if you do, I can probably get you put onto a terrorist watch list.

Maybe I should lower the dosage again...

Hey Ed, I probably already am on a watch list! Anyhow, I had a run in with a right-winger yesterday. It was absolutely wonderful even if it did embarrass Stephan...I was telling my mom that the Focus on the Family people and others of their ilk hate Catholics, and in fact everyone else who isn't just like them. And as I'm saying this, this idiot woman is standing there behind my mom shaking her head, becoming visibly agitated and trying to deny that they are haters...I of course had to compare them to Nazis and it could have continued ad nauseum, but I was propelled to the car by mom. It was great...I wish I could have continued my tirade...sigh. So, I do think you should start acting like a holier-than-thou zealot while ignoring anything about acceptance, peace, etc. that Jesus might have said...yeah, that sounds like a good idea and Mila concurs.

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