Steve Irwin Is Dead!

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On my god! I just found out that Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, has died, after being stung in the chest by a sting ray.

I love Steve Irwin - his shows had the same sort of spirirt that the old Marlon Perkins's Wild Kingdom shows had in my childhood, except that rather than sending his assistant "Jim" in to wrestle the animals, Steve did it himself, frequently while carrying a baby.

Damn, this is depressing.

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Not just depressing and tragic, but gruesome. He wasn't just stung, he was impaled - the barb tore a hole in his heart.
And word in some sources was that they couldn't reach Terri right away, as she was out in the Tasmanian bush somewhere.

Does this herald a sucky week? I hope not...

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