No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn

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So last night was the first night that I have had a really hard time falling asleep since I starting taking the Modifinal. Stuck in bed tossing and turning until 2:00, or later.Really, really awful. I don't know if I can blame it on the drugs, since I occasionally just have nights like that. Also, I was dreading the morning, since I had to drink 1/2 a gallon of delicious, delicious vanilla flavored barium for a test this morning. Note that the word "vanilla" in the last sentence is used in exactly the same way that the word "tea" is used throughout the Hitchiker's Guide To the Galaxy.

I am hoping that the the barium (which after all sounds like it might be radioactive) will interact with the Modifinal, and result in me getting superpowers. I am a little worried, though, about what sort of powers Stan Lee would give some a hero created by wakey-wakey pill and gunk they use to make your organs show up clearly on a CT scan. I am thinking supervillian, for sure.

Ah well, just as long as Stan doesn't get to write my dialogue, I'm sure I'll be fine. Hopefully I will be drawn by Steve Ditko.

(Yes, I know, it was actually barium sulfate that I had to drink, and that i's inert and doesn't dissolve when ingested; let me have my dreams.)

Anyway, today I am pilled up again, and feeling fine. No noticiable effects from losing sleep last night, other than looking as tired as I should feel.

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Your blog has been very helpful (and funny) to me. I am on day #3 of Provigil and, while I rarely take Lunesta, I've been searching the web to be sure that taking the two together won't kill me. I had insomnia last night and am thinking that Lunesta might help me out until I can find the best dosage of Provigil for me. On that bad night when you couldn't get to sleep, did you use Lunesta?

I'm glad that there are some people out there that get some of the intended value from these posts (as opposed to the hundreds of people what just read them because it's funny to watch me suffer).

Throughout the whole Provigil experiment I was taking 3mg of Lunesta every night; which is the same as what I was doing before, and continue to do now. While it didn't kill me, you should check with your doctor to make sure that it won't kill you, make you crazy, or give you superpowers.

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