Living in the Future

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So, now we are rapidly approaching a week on this stuff, with no problems at all. The weekend went swimmingly - I didn't take any Provigil either day, and continued to feel great - I didn't end up sweating on the floor with the DTs or anything cool like that. It was just a perfectly normal weekend (though I did get a long way through Final Fantasy II - my concentration remains excellent!).

I do, however, feel like I am living out some sort of childhood fantasy inspired by watching the Jetsons and too many short films in school about what the Future (i.e. 1985) was going to be like. I know go to sleep by taking a pill and I wake up by taking a pill. All I need now is to eat by taking a pill and I am totally set. Oh, and a flying car - I need a flying car too. And a robot girlfriend.

Food Pill, Flying Car, and Robot Girlfriend. Then I am all set.

(I was highly amused when, on last week's Mythbuster's while testing a polygraph machine, they asked Grant Imahara whether or not he had ever considered building, or attempted to build, a female robot. Natually it when nuts when he said "No").

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