Day two Begins Well!

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At 6:30 the cruel, cruel alarm went off. I ended up taking a Lunesta last night, which is not too bad, since I have to take one every night to fall asleep before 2:00am under normal circumstances. In this case, I was still asleep by 11:00 or so - not too bad. I was prepared for the morning though, and had a glass of water and a pre-split-in-two Provigil on the bedstand. I roused myself enough to swallow the pill and wash it down, then collapsed back onto the pillow. It wasn't so much a case of being tired as it was of the bed being far more comfortable than the cruel, cold outside world. So I lhid under the covers till 7:00 while the dogs frolicked about on the bed.

At 7:00am I could already feel the Provigil kicking in. Either that or I was just waking up. Hard to tell.

In any case it's now 10:30, and it's been 4 hours since I took the lowered dose and I feel great. Not jittery, just nicely awake. No noticible negative side effects and I have continued to get stuff done at work. It's nothing extraordinary at this dosage, but I have a feelign that this is what normal productive people feel like. I can't swear, but I think it's what I used to feel like back when I used to be smart.

This is, so far, a very successful experiment. Stay tuned though, it's always possible that I will go nuts, or maybe, develop superpowers.

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