Afternoon Check-Up

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So alert. So very, very alert.

So far it's been good, though very strange. I am really, really not tired at all, and I have been able to finish a bunch of things that I have needed to get to, while at the same time dealing with all the dumb stuff that comes up during the day without getting distracted from the important stuff.

Around lunch (which I was hungry for and had no trouble eating all you "oh, it's like you are taking amphetimines" people) the alertness seemed to be alittle too much, and a quick call to the doctor confirmed what I thought - this is powerful stuff, and I probably don't need the full 200mg dose, so tomorrow I take half and see how that goes. After lunch there was a brief (like, 15 minute) energy dip, as opposed to the usual hours of sleepiness, and now I feel great again.

One thing I have noticed though is they my eyes are getting dry from all the not taking breaks and concentration. Since my eyes tend to be dry anyway I'm not worried about it - I just need to make sure that I take breaks and that during my breaks I do something that doesn't involve staring at a screen, like oh, say, blogging does. That said, I will spend the next 4 minutes with my eyes closed thinking about all the stuff I'll be able to get done.

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