A VERY Exciting Day!

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So, new people have moved in next door. Normally, this would not be worthy of comment, since I have no connections to my fellow man, but...they have a dog! Today I was out working in the backyard, completing my totally ghetto toolshed (actually, it's a tool-lean-to, but who is counting) and all day I, and the dogs have been aware tha there is a dog next door that has been left alone. Suprisingly my dogs have been pretty cool about it, not going nuts and chasing it up and down the fence - mostly because the other dog is not interested.

Anyway, after a couple of hours I glance over towards the neighbor's yard and I see that there is a dog on top of their fence. Moments later the dog leaps off, and out into freedom. Frantically, I leap up and go grab the dog and put it back. It's name is Nicoysa, and it's a very, very sweet dog. I am not arrested going into my neighbor's backyard.

This happens again.


I finally decide that this dog is far too taltented to be left in a yard (plus, I am geting tireed of chasing it), so I print up a note and saying where the dog is, and bring it home. I figure that Pumpkin and Kitusne have not been going nuts throught he fence with it, so it will be fine. Turns out that Kitsune get's along with Nicoysa jsut fine and they are cool with each other. Pumpkin, on the other hand likes Nicoysa. A LOT.

So I have to keep them seperated.

Basically, we had an exciting day, with another dog around the house and I came to the realization that I can never, ever get another dog because Kitsune would be fine, but Pumpkin is a dirty, dirty old man that cannot be left alone for a moment with another dog.

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