A Slight Headache

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Still going strong after three days. This afternoon I have a slight headache that came on a little after 3:00, but then again, most days I have a slight headache that starts a little after 3:00, so this is actually not bad - since I had two days without one. Two Ibuprofen seem to ne handling it just fine.

Of course, this still doesn't get across the effect this is having. When I say there isn't anything negative, or that it's not having that much effect, I mean compared to a normal person. Getting me to feel like that means it's having a HUGE effect. I will take dry eyes and a slight headache any day over being exhausted all the time.

The next two days I am going to try having "off days"; no reason to take the stuff on the weekend since I don't have to be smart and alert then (quite the opposite). Hopefully I will go into horrible withdrawal, but I doubt it.

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