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I haven't posted anything because, frankly, I hate you all and you are bringing me down.

Actually, I just don't have a thing to say. Work is busy, but good. Work on the old house house proceeds apace (it's vaguely possible that the painting might start this week. My Ex really needs to get her stuff out of the old garage (not for me - I'm just worried that some stuff might get damaged during the construction).

I am thinking about saving a lot of money to go to Belgrade, site of the only remaining Tesla Museum. That, and tons of hot Eastern European girls. I'm just saying.

I promise I will write more in the future. I think I have a new messing with my brain chemistry experiment coming up soon. Ever heard of Provigil?

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Hi Ed,

In spite of the fact that I'm about to engage in an act of shameless self promotion on your blog I want to assure you that I am, in fact, a human, and not a robot (unless I'm due for an end-of-Bladerunner kind of rude awakening) and not only that, I'm a human/robot who knows you well.

> I haven't posted anythign because, frankly I hate you all, and you are bringing me down.

Nothing cheers me up more than a song about a hobo

If you need thoughts in your head, might I recommend checking out the song I submitted to "Songfight"

my song is listed as "William Parsons Project"

have a listen to all the songs there and vote for m---the one you like best...

Lyrics, track listing, instruments used, and random notes are here for the curious and constructively critical:


I'm afraid that until you mentioned it, i had not heard of Provigil, so i don't really have anything useful to say about it. I did notice, however, that it is commonly used for sleep apnea, which brings to mind...

I've taken my very first baby steps toward my goal of becoming half cyborg. The tests have been done, the order has been placed, and soon I'll be sleeping with a tube hooked up to a machine which forces air up my nose all night long. The only truly sad part is that it was never my goal to become half cyborg.

I must say, i look really silly with a 6 foot hose dangling from the middle of my face.

I really hope that the preview is broken, otherwise this is going to be a single unreadable sentence.


I've heard of Provigil, due to a number of brain-chemistry experiments to make me happy rather than smart... or something. I thought it was used for Narcolepsy - some sort of non-amphetamine stimulant. Good luck with that experiment.
My addict brain comments, "why would you want speed without that speedy, jaw-clenched, brilliant, anorexic feeling???" Of course, if you're falling asleep mid-sentence, or mid-hamburger, or mid-whatever, then maybe....
Damn you. Now you've got me thinking about other fun chemistry experiments! Ugh. I've got to get to my worker-be cube. Off I go.
Take care. Megan.

Ah, this post is bringing them out of the woodwork!

Will - I enjoyed your song greatly. Nothing (and I do mean nothing) makes me happier than hobos. Even Carnies can't quite compare.

Jim - You are soooo lucky. I desperately want to be a cyborg, or a brain-in-a-tank, or implemented as software. Keep in mind though, you can't be half-cyborg, by definition it's all or nothing baby. Sorry to hear about the sleep apnea thing though, that really has to suck - I have a hard enough time sleeping without hoses and such. THe mind boggles.

Megynn - Yes, it's the Narcolepsy drug, though in this case it's being used off-label. Since no sleep medications seem to work for me the mad scientists in charge of my health have decided that the obvious solution is to improve my wakefulness when I should be awake. I am also hoping that it will increase my ability to focus, concentrate on work, etc., thereby making me smarter, and therefore, less happy. I will document this experiment when it begins, just like my less spectacular brush with anti-depressents. I'm hoping that the results here will be far more impressive and "Flowers for Algernon"-ish. I can't wait for the part where I become super intelligent, then am painfully aware as I slide into retardhood.

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