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Today I found out that Matthew Good, the Canadian "rock guy with a conscience and good politics" that I have mentioned before has been going through a divorce since around, oh, October. How wierd is that? I started listening to some of his stuff about two years ago, but the song Giant was pretty much my personal soundtrack for the whole breakup divorce thing; "we carry on like it's easy, like you're all out and I'm your man, baby, I'm your man". The "A Better, Happier You" section of this site takes its name from it.

His big best of collection showed up in the mail the day after I moved out of the house.

For some reason, this all just really bums me out.

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I too was surprised at how Matthew Good's divorce hit me despite never having met the man. I suppose art (and great lyrics) bring you closer with the artist. It is quite unusual that someone in the public eye is so open through lyrics AND on a blog.

I too had a break up set to the soundtrack of The Matthew Good Band.

Hope all is well. I found your blog when I found out about him and his wife recently.
Take care

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