Ah Television...

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"Teacher, mother, secret lover."

Given that it's been some time since I last proclaimed this, I have a new favorite TV show ever. Sad to say, it's..."Entourage" on HBO. It has all the things I loved about "The Player", but no one has to die. (Oh, yeah...um..spoiler warning).

I think that everyone can cling to one or another of the characters, and who you identify with says a lot about you. I, for example, always thought that I was "E" (Eric)- the guy that can handle the business end of things, and is there because he's smart. After watching a couple of seasons I have realized that, alas, I'm not. I am, much to my chagrin, Johnny Drama...The guy that used to be somebody, but lost it. Really, that sucks.

Whooo! Viking Quest!

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