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Some time ago I posted a non-music related post about the Sparks' song "Angst In My Pants" being used on Gilmore Girls. Since that time, about 8% of the searches that end up on this site are looking for that song. Sorry, but you are going to have to keep looking. You want it? Buy the album of the same name. Also, check out their new album "Hello Young Lovers" which is awesome - worth it just for "Dick Around".

Sparks is one of the great LA bands of the eighties. I say this with the knowledge that they got their start way back in about 1970, in the mid-west. These guys invented new wave synth music, though they hardly get any credit for it. In the early eighties though they started to get some recognition. The group is front by brothers Ron and Russell Mael, Ron plays keyboards, has a hitler mustache, and wears wedding gowns; Russell sings and is goofy.

Over the years they have occasionally come close to breaking through - their single with Jane Wiedlin "Cool Places" was probably the biggest thing they ever did. I just recently pulled out my copy of 1982's "Angst In My Pants" and it really made me appreciate their genius all over again. "Angst in my Pants" really does convey a sense of anxiety effectively, while "Micky Mouse" is possibly the happiest song on earth. No song has ever captured the dangers of love when viewed from an outside perspective as well as "Eaten By The Monster Of Love".

They are now totally on my watch list to see live. I saw them back in the 80s at Wolfgang's, and I don't intend to miss them the next time they are around (seems they spend all their time in Europe these days).

Critical album to own is, at the moment, "Angst In My Pants"

Similar bands? Well groups like Too Much Joy, and even the B-52s owe an awful lot to Sparks.

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