razlyubit' blyad

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Forget all that William Safire, J. Byran. Christopher J. Moore and Howard Rheingold made up Russian. It may not be untranslatable, but I still think that together they are pretty descriptive. See if you can find my favorite pun based on "blyad" using Google. It's an excercise for the dedicated. Gold stars will be awarded to the diligent.

It's too bad, though that "razbliuto" doesn't actually exist, since I always loved the idea of it. I certainly have feelings that I have no words for. It would be nice if someone else did.

Welche Farbe ist deine Eidechse?

As Stephan Colbert would say, "Moving on..."

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Is it "You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think?"

So close, but actually, not even in the ballpark. The pun is not on the english meaning - it's actually a complicated pun in russian, based on a change of tense or person. Maybe both. Can't give too much away.

For your effort, however, you will recieve the shameful, shameful Bronze Star.

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